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Burn Permit Information

Burn Permit Information

Burn Day Hotline 1-800-834-2876


  • To obtain a 2-part burn permit form, see this list of the numerous county-wide distribution locations, or download a mail-in only application to obtain a burn permit (see below).
  • Agricultural and Backyard Burn Permit fees are $50.
  • More information on Burning

Which Type of Burn Permit Can I Qualify For?

Agricultural Burn Permit Requirements

Backyard Burn Permit Requirements

Income from Agricultural Operation
(i.e. vineyard, ranch, livestock)
If you do not derive an income from an Ag operation, you are not eligible for an Ag burn permit.

Occupied single family or duplex residence
Outside of cities and URL/VRL areas

Backyard Burn Permits

  • Backyard burning is allowed in some rural areas of San Luis Obispo County by PERMIT only during the burn season, which typically runs from whenever Fire Season is closed in the fall through the end of April. Backyard burn season opened this year on March 3, 2014. 
  • Backyard burning is the burning of green waste material by occupants of one- and two-family dwellings outside of Urban Reserve Line (URL) or Village Reserve LIne (VRL) areas. This type of burning is also known as “dooryard” or “green waste” burning.
  • Backyard burning is prohibited within city limits and URL or VRL communities.
  • If you do not know if you live inside a URL or VRL use the information on this page or contact the APCD Compliance staff at the phone number below. Please contact the Fire Departments of Arroyo Grande and Atascadero for information on their special fire hazard burn programs.
  • Dowload a mail-in only application. 

Agricultural Burn Permits

  • Agricultural burning is allowed year round in San Luis Obispo County by PERMIT. During the fire season, May 1 through the declared end of fire season (usually November 1), CalFire Permits are required.  Please contact APCD’s Compliance Division for details.
  • Agricultural burning is defined as open outdoor fires used in agricultural operations in the growing of crops or raising of fowl or animals, used in vegetation management, forest management, range improvement, the improvement of land for wildlife and game habitat, or agricultural disease or pest prevention. Income is derived solely or partially from agricultural practices on property where the burn is located; a Farmers’ Market Certificate will also be sufficient proof of agricultural income.
  • Download a mail-in only Application.

General Instructions on How to Receive a Burn Permit

2-part Burn Permit Form (Locations)

1) Fill out a regular 2-part Burn Permit Form.
2) Enclose $50.00 permit fee and the yellow copy of the 2-part form.
3) Mail the yellow copy of the 2-part form and fee to: 
     San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District
     3433 Roberto Court
     San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

4) The white Applicant’s copy of the 2-part form serves as your Burn Permit, effective when fees are received. If your application is denied, the SLOAPCD will contact you immediately.

Mail-in Only Application (Ag) (Backyard)

1) Complete all sections of this application, print, and sign the application.
2) Enclose $50.00 permit fee with the application.
3) Mail application and fee to:
San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District
3433 Roberto Court
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
4) After payment of the fee, please allow a minimum of five (5) business days for the APCD to issue your Burn Permit and send it to you via email or U.S. Mail if an email address is not provided or is illegible. 

For more information on Burning click here.

Where can I get a burn permit application?

For questions, please contact the APCD Compliance staff at 805.781.5912