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2013 Pollution Prevention Business Challenge

2013 Pollution Prevention Business Challenge



September is Pollution Prevention Month nationwide, and APCD is celebrating by recognizing two local businesses that work hard to reduce air pollution and keep our community healthy. We are pleased to announce the winners of our 2013 Pollution Prevention Challenge! JoeBella Coffee in Atascadero and Lindamar Industries, Inc. in Paso Robles. 


Both businesses showed impressive efforts to go above and beyond what is required by state, federal and local laws to reduce air pollution. Both implementing emission reduction measures across various sectors; transportation, 

facility, products used, and more. 


Most notably for both businesses, Lindamar recently launched its own compostable bag product and will be shifting all future operations towards predominately running corn starch packaging, a renewable resource. JoeBella employs an earth-friendly business model that prides itself in the use of recycled construction materials and composting the food waste from their café; they also plan to install removable solar panels in the near future that can be moved if their location changes!


The APCD is pleased to recognize these two local businesses that have gone above and beyond regulatory requirements to reduce their environmental footprint and set a positive example for others to follow. Community partners like JoeBella Coffee and Lindamar Industries are working hard to keep our skies blue every day!